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Galactic Dance-Off is a rhythm based game where you can challenge yourself and others to become the best. First you choose your character, then you choose a song, and then, your character dances and you just make sure to hit the notes at the right time as they come down from the top of the screen. 

Dimy, Oru and Elüü are all ready to battle their way through the ultimate dance competition, know as Galactic Dance-Off, to take home the victory and be named the new president of the Büjgiin Galaxy. 

It's almost 700 years ago since the war against the Zuurgas ended and the peace was restored. In the galaxy where dance and music is the core of all species' happiness, a president is chosen through their skill in dancing and it's their job to keep the peace. To prove to the people that they are the right alien for the job, they must dance and win three dance battles in the competition, and then the crown will be theirs. 

So, let the 167th Galactic Dance-Off begin, and may the best dancing alien win.


Keyboard - W, A, S and D for notes in the left lane, and Arrow Keys for the notes in the right lane.

Xbox controller - Directional pad for notes in the left lane, and X, Y, B and A for the notes in the right lane.

PlayStation controller - Directional pad for notes in the left lane, and trianglecirclecross and square buttons for notes in the right lane.

In the menus you navigate with the Arrow Keys and press Enter to select. Click “Backspace” if you want to go back. To pause or change settings, press “Esc”. 
In game, during a dance battle, there are two lanes in the middle of the screen, where the left lane is for the left hand and the right lane is for the right hand. The character to the left is you and the one to the right is the one you are battling against. 

For more info on how to play, or if you need any help in the game, please check the HELP button in the game.

Made by NepTunes Entertainment


Install instructions

1. Extract 'GalacticDanceOff.rar'

2. Open the folder and launch 'GalacticDanceOff'

3. Have fun!


GalacticDanceOff.rar 157 MB


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I love rhythm games and I love games that feel "wholesome" -- this really nails both. Loved the moment to moment gameplay (my mess-ups were based off my dpad being a little broken on my xbox one controller) but I felt like the progressions from easy to normal to hard was pretty well crafted. Felt like a natural progression.

Loved the three songs available -- I really, really wish more existed. I honestly loved this experience. <3
(1 edit)

Thank you, so glad you liked it! We also wish there were more songs in the game, but due to the limitation we had on making the game, this was all we had time for.
But there are actually 9 songs in the game and more like 3 different themes. But to make 3 different difficulties for each of the 9 songs would've required like 27 beatmaps, and we simply didn't have the time to do it.

But again, thank you so much for playing and for loving the experience, that's all we really wish for.